Game of Thrones Season 8 Thoughts

Game of Thrones season 8 has been quite a ride. There is no doubt that it is the most divisive season yet. Many attribute this to not having enough enough episodes to justify the narrative the show has been drawing towards. I don’t believe the writing is bad. The problem is the show set a precedent for 6 seasons. The past couple seasons have seen a decrease in episode count, longer episodes and more action. These last couple seasons, especially the current season, feel more like mini movies instead of a television show. I actually enjoy this. While I enjoy the longer narratives of earlier seasons, this more cinematic approach works for me. In movies we except things to happen quickly and we don’t mind that it’s convenient. In a movie we do not need to see someone travel somewhere, we only need to see them arrive.

It would have been wonderful to have 10 episode seasons for 7 and 8 but the show runners and actors decided they needed to move one and HBO did not wish to have other show runners take over. New show runners could have been a good thing, but sometimes it doesn’t work out well. This is very clear when you see a show like Walking Dead struggle to know its identity over the years due to changing hands. This show is a commitment and for many of them it has been 10 years. It would have been great to have 12 seasons and more fleshed out character journeys, but I am excited at what we do have and feel that the quality of the show and acting have been just as good as every other season. There are still great character moments this season. Many great shows get canceled too soon. Looking at you Freaks and Geeks, Rome and Pushing Daisies. Many other great shows start off great and have terrible quality dips after the first season or two. Looking at you Heroes. Let’s just enjoy the fact that we even have Game of Thrones instead of complaining that it’s not exactly as we wanted it.

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